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My father left many wonderful memories with me, times and occasions that can never be replaced. Items that would have seemed everyday, now take on a special meaning of their own. They carry an essence with them, something precious, something much more than can be seen. So when I took my father's tallit, his own worn and faded prayer shawl, perhaps seventy five years old, with me to services, and wrapped myself in the comfort and warmth of this garment that carried so many memories in it, I began to feel his spirit with me. And I began to think of the countless generations that had worn tallit like this one, so many times in their lives, grandfathers, and great grandfathers, and their fathers before them. And the prayers that they prayed. Their hopes. Their dreams. From generation to generation. Then I began to think of the grandmothers that waited for their men, and prepared the house for the traditions that would be carried on inside them. Five thousand years of memories passing down to our generations and to the generation to come. L'dor v'dor. This print is one of seven in this series, named in honor of my father and in honor of the tallit.
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Custom Matted Print - 16"x20"
- Tissue paper gift wrapping and a card with a message can be enclosed at no additional cost upon request if a gift
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